RC-6178 "Domino"

Clone Heavy Weapons Expert - Lambda Squad


Soldier 8 Elite Trooper 2

Hit Points 144 (DR 1)

Speed: 4

Fort: 33
Ref: 32 (flat 27)
Will 22

Ability Scores
Strength 13
Dexterity 19
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 15
Charisma 13

Trained Skills:
Use Computer

Blaster Rifle, Heavy Assault (3d12 energy, or 6d6 on critical hit)
Auto-Fire Only
-Pulse Charger(1 dmg/die, -1 atk)
-Extra Power Source
-Stripped Range (rifle to pistol)
-Weapon Trait – Superior Damage (+5 dmg)
Grenade Launcher ( Varies)
-Weapon Mounted to Armor
Blaster Pistol, Heavy (3d8 energy)
-Integrated Equipment (no action to draw)

Katarn-Class Commando Armor (+10 Ref, +5 Fort, max Dex +4, 3 equipment slots)
-Helmet Package (Low-Light Vision, Perception 2, Comlink)
-Vacuum Seals
-Integrated Bacta Healing (Full round, +10 Treat Injury, no -5 for self first aid)
-Environmental Sealing
-Integrated Equipment (pistol, 4 power packs)
-Mounted Weapon (grenade launcher)
-Armor Trait – Superior Agile Armor (Max Dex +2)

Armored Defense (add Heroic level or armor bonus to Ref Def)
Improved Armored Defense (add heroic level and 1/2 armor bonus to Ref Def)
Armor Mastery (1 max Dex of armor)
Second Skin (+1 Fortitude and Reflex)
Controlled Burst (ETrooper) (-2 Auto-Fire and Burst Fire, can brace for no penalty)

Point Blank Shot (+1 atk, +1 dmg ranged attacks in Point Blank range)
Precise Shot (can fire into melee combat without -5 penalty)
Burst Fire (auto-fire weapons: fire 5 rounds at single target,-2 atk +2 dmg die, can brace)
Triple Crit(blaster rifle, heavy)
Martial Arts I (increase unarmed dmg die size, +1 Dodge bonus to Reflex, make attacks of opportunity)
Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Weapons)
Riflemaster (blaster rifle, heavy: change dmg die from d10 to d12)
Stand Tall (1/encounter: take dmg, all allies within 6 squares make reactionary attack)
Assured Attack (successful attack, may reroll lowest dmg die, taking second result)

Additional Equipment
-Power Pack (x10)
-Ration Pack (x3)
-Grenades (Concussion x3, Gas x2, EMP x3, Smoke (red air support attack; yellow EVAC)

Special Ability: Delay Damage
1/encounter: as reaction, delay effects of one attack, ability, or effect until end of next turn.

Military Sign


You know the usual Clone-type stuff.

RC-6178 "Domino"

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