Dae'us Tera

Miraluka Jedi Padawan


Dae’us Tera was a miralukan Jedi padawan during the Clone Wars. Born on the adopted miralukan homeworld of Alpheridies, Dae’us was the first of the Tera family to train as a Jedi since the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. Dae’us served as a padawan learner to Khil Jedi Knight Hund Frenar.

After the second invasion of Esseles, Dae’us helped rescue Senator Gabrial Atanna from the planet’s capital. He then spent a brief period of time working under the watch of Sombac Zel’pret, acting as one of the senator’s bodyguards.

When reinforcements were sent to Esseles, Dae’us was chosen to lead them, along with ARC trooper Alpha-88. He remained on Esseles with his master until the end of the war.

Dae'us Tera

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