The End of the Great Clone War

Zalib, the man-trapper

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Brian’s new character, the professor, gives a speech at a university on Coruscant. Afterwards he finds his transport back to his homeworld has been cancelled, as a new threat level has been declared on Coruscant after the attempted assassination of the senator. Receiving a call from Senator Atanna, whose son is a student of the professor’s, he is asked for a favor; to stay with the professor until it’s less dangerous on the capital, and if he can acquire a ship from Marlo the Hutt that’s off the grid.

At Rhemmy’s hangar, Zalib is contacted by Marlo’s representation, who asks what the situation there is. Rhemmy showed up at Marlo’s finally, and was taken captive by them, accused of being a traitor. Rhemmy maintains that he is innocent and that it was another one of Marlo’s men, Vash, who is the traitor. On the bodies at Rhemmy’s hangar, Zalib finds coins with an emblem that corresponds to a gang led by Vash. This doesn’t prove Rhemmy’s innocence, so Marlo requests Zalib search Vash’s apartment, and capture him.

Marlo is unable to provide a ship for the professor, as his resources are too tied up, and the ships that are registered with him are no good, as the assassins know he’s linked with the senator. Rhemmy, desperate to prove his innocence, cuts a deal with the professor; if he helps Zalib bring in Vash, he will give him the name of an acquaintance whom he buys starship supplies from. The party acquires supplies from a bounty hunter in Marlo’s service, including an R-TechApp man trap.

Having picked up Dae’us along the way, the party raids Vash’s apartment. Although he is not home, there are three gang members that the party takes care of. With one gang member held captive, they await the return of Vash. They capture him in the man trap and defeat the rest of his entourage.

Dae’us returns to the Jedi temple, the next morning he is to be a part of the reinforcements sent to Esseles. The rest of the party goes to Marlo’s where they can prove Rhemmy’s innocence. He keeps up his part of the bargain and gives them an address where they can meet his supplier. It turns out to be the Duros Enoll and his multi-limbed droid R0-B1T. They sell the party a new ship.

Showdown at the hangar
Cline Wars

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The senator and his bodyguards head to the Jedi temple. The Jedi are all kept busy with important meetings. It becomes apparent that the senator can’t simply stay at the Jedi temple so he arranges the mercenaries to visit Marlo the Hutt and see if he knows anything more about the missing package or the Echani assassin.

Marlo informs the mercenaries that the package was to be taken offworld by a new pilot, Rhemmy Maddix, and that he hasn’t sent his people to check out his ship yet. With a suspicion that the attack was an inside job, he sends the mercenaries to Rhemmy’s.

Upon arriving at Rhemmy’s it becomes apparent he isn’t home. While looking around they find a refrigerator full of cheese and a group of thugs presumably also looking for the Zabrack. In the ensuing firefight Brian’s character is killed. Zalib manages to fend off the remaining thugs however.

Unknown Horrors
Totally not Dead Space

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The Judgement receives a distress beacon from a damaged Chiss starship Ch’itzishn K’imsi.
Lambda Squad is sent in to investigate. They discover a ship devoid of all life. Although Bones is able to access a computer terminal it doesn’t do much good as it’s in a totally foreign language. He is able to download a map of the ship, allowing the squad to make their way to the bridge.

While investigating the galley of the ship, they find multiple Chiss corpses. The corpses reanimate and attack the party, but are easily dispatched. The bodies excrete a bizarre grey ooze, which Bones takes a sample of. Over the comm Swoop informs the squad that the hangar doors have closed on their own. Back in the kitchen a large puddle of the goo is found. Sentry attempts attacking the goo, but this only causes it to react violently, trying to enter their armor in vain. With a toxic grenade they are able to kill the substance.

Preceding onward to the bridge, the squad is attacked by three rakghouls that climb along the ceiling. Talon is tackled by the beast and his armor is punctured. When the rakghouls are slain they excrete the same grey substance. This time the goo enters Talon’s armor and forces itself into his body through his nose.

At the bridge Bones is able to find a Basic translation program that he uses to navigate the system’s computers. The vessel was a research ship, studying the rakghoul plague and a sinister organism known as the Mnggal-Mnggal for use as biological weapons. Using the computer Bones copies all the data he can, opens the hangar bay doors, and sets the engines to overload. The corpses in the bridge reanimate, able to know the clone’s intentions via Talon’s infection. Domino blasts the computer terminal and the squad flees the bridge.

Between the bridge and the hangar, the squad are cornered. Opening an airlock, the squad is pulled out into space, where Swoop swoops them up.


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