Magnus Sar'mor


Magnus Sar’mor was born to Nagai nomads during the Great Galactic War. During the war, their group was raided by Darth Moloch. Those who resisted were killed, and most were enslaved. Still, a few of the more cunning warriors were converted into Imperial assassins.

Magnus found himself nearly a slave. It was only his strong connection to the Force that allowed him the liberty to attend the Sith Academy. It was here that he faced strong discrimination against his species from the pureblooded and human acolytes. Many times they would attack him. Fortunately Magnus was skilled with his blade, and many would-be attackers ended up wounded themselves. As much as he wanted to, Magnus knew better than to kill them. Regardless, the bigoted overseers still punished him to the full extent they could.

It was his skill with blades and his ruthless agility that caught the eye of up and coming Sith Lord Skorpius, who took the Nagai as his apprentice during the Cold War. Although Magnus would die after Skorpius and his partner Tempus went rogue, his spirit would cling to the Sith magic imbued in his tek’la blade.

Over three thousands years later, a new disciple of Skorpius, Mendo Sha’kai, would discover the poisoned blade. Magnus’s spirit awoke, and found himself a new host.

Magnus Sar'mor

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