The End of the Great Clone War

Showdown at the hangar

Cline Wars

Last time on Cline Wars….

The senator and his bodyguards head to the Jedi temple. The Jedi are all kept busy with important meetings. It becomes apparent that the senator can’t simply stay at the Jedi temple so he arranges the mercenaries to visit Marlo the Hutt and see if he knows anything more about the missing package or the Echani assassin.

Marlo informs the mercenaries that the package was to be taken offworld by a new pilot, Rhemmy Maddix, and that he hasn’t sent his people to check out his ship yet. With a suspicion that the attack was an inside job, he sends the mercenaries to Rhemmy’s.

Upon arriving at Rhemmy’s it becomes apparent he isn’t home. While looking around they find a refrigerator full of cheese and a group of thugs presumably also looking for the Zabrack. In the ensuing firefight Brian’s character is killed. Zalib manages to fend off the remaining thugs however.



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